Ventilation Systems

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Ventilation Systems

Efficient ventilation ensures good, healthy air quality for the building’s occupants and avoids adverse health conditions and is a mandatory requirement of building and design regulations.

Although some form of ventilation is usually an essential requirement, it can prove to be the most significant heating (and cooling) load of the building. Consequently, heat (energy) recovery can deliver dramatic energy savings. When combined with the most appropriate form of control, such as carbon sensing (demand ventilation), energy consumption can be minimized and comfort optimized whilst ensuring Building Regulation compliance.


BetaCool Engineering Limited undertakes projects from concept to completion, providing energy efficient management of your building’s internal environment.

The packages that BetaCool Engineering Limited offers incorporate highly efficient heating and cooling systems, together with ventilation systems to provide conditioned fresh air to the buildings, in addition to extracting stale air from the building (effectively changing the air), removing excessive humidity, odours, microbial contaminants (mould, bacteria etc.) and gasses, including carbon monoxide.

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